Companies expected to invest over $11 billion on mobile internet

Research shows that businesses are expected to invest up to $11 billion worldwide on mobile internet marketing services by the year 2015. With the addition of smart phones that allow you to navigate through complex websites, purchase products and services, and download data, who wouldn’t want to be a part of the mobile internet marketing [...]

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Three men fined in internet lawsuit

WASHINGTON – Three men who sold internet marketing services to various small businesses throughout the country were fined after customers complained they never got the services they paid for. The men were ordered to pay around $471,500 in fines and penalties to the customers that they promised services to. They were also ordered by King [...]

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Tampa SEO company makes topseos top ten list

TAMPA, Florida – Web copywriting agency, SEO Advantage, has been recognized by topseos for its impressive search engine optimization services. Topseos is an independent authority that on internet marketing companies. since 2002, topseos has been evaluating SEO companies worldwide in order to identify the leading businesses who offer services that improve other companies’ presence on [...]

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Top internet marketing company CyberMark International launches new SEO site

PHOENIX, Arizona – Top internet marketing company, CyberMark International is launching a new division called CyberDesign that specializes in SEO web design and programming. “CyberDesign came out of a great need from our customers who wanted us to market websites with outdated or otherwise problematic web designs,” said CyberMark CEO Kimberly Judd-Pennie. “Without a solid [...]

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Leading Denver SEO web development company hires new team member

DENVER, Colorado – Local Denver SEO company, Fusionbox, has recently brought in a new team member to help the company expand and improve its internet marketing campaigns. Tory Lynne, acclaimed Google Adwords and Analytics Certified Professional has just joined Fusionbox and will be bringing her expertise in internet marketing strategies to the company’s Denver office. [...]

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Shutterfly, Inc. names new vice president

REDWOOD CITY, California – A new position has been filled at Shutterfly, Inc., the leading internet marketing and publishing company. Tony Pecora was just announced as the new Vice President of the corporation, reporting to Peter Elarde, the Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Pecora is new to Shutterfly. His responsibilities include acquiring customers, [...]

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Words Matter When Improving SEO Efforts

When building your site to make it SEO ready, many people tend to focus on formatting their sites to match Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines’ needs. Unfortunately, they forget that they still need to impress their human readers. A good SEO strategy involves many things besides marketing yourself to fit search engine profiles; [...]

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Internet marketing takes a social direction

Let’s face it, these days, life can be summed up and neatly packaged into a website on the internet. The days of newspaper ads and billboards has come to an end and we are witnessing a new era in advertising - internet marketing. If you haven’t already gotten on the internet marketing bandwagon, it’s time [...]

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Planning your SEO-proof site

By having a search engine optimized page, your website could soar to new levels of success. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, is the term given to the process of forming your site based on popular key words, links and graphics that will help your page rank high across search engines. In this day [...]

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