Research shows that businesses are expected to invest up to $11 billion worldwide on mobile internet marketing services by the year 2015.

With the addition of smart phones that allow you to navigate through complex websites, purchase products and services, and download data, who wouldn’t want to be a part of the mobile internet marketing phenomenon.

Analysts expect companies to invest in applications that will speed up their growth and attract clientele.

There are various applications that allow you to ping a person or business’s location, receive updates, and interact with business owners that make for a more easily accessible and personalized approach to internet marketing.

Companies, in turn, can locate their clients and be able to accommodate for them on a more personal basis by arranging meetings and delivering products.

Even if high-tech applications were not available, the sheer fact that companies can advertise themselves through text messages is enough of an incentive to invest in mobile internet marketing campaigns.

Nearly everyone who has a mobile phone uses SMS technology to send messages to their friends and family. Companies can use this tool to send out alerts, coupons, or even a quick hello to their customers to develop a closer rapport with them.

As technology continues to reach new heights, the mobile world continues to astound customers with innovative approaches to communication.

Companies, especially small business owners, should take advantage of the services offered as much as possible to expand their market and improve their revenue.