Simon Cowell, best known for his blunt and sometimes below the belt comments on the hit show American Idol, has supposedly decided to clean up his image before the release of his new show X-Factor. The TV host is rumored to have hired an SEO firm to handle his reputation management on the web.

Reputation management involves clearing a person’s name or company of negative comments online and replacing them with positive notes. The idea contends that by hiring an SEO company to clean up the negative press found online when users search for him, hopefully, his popularity will increase.

Cowell’s representatives, however, are denying that he has hired anyone to clear his name and are calling it a “conspiracy theory.”

With a growing use of internet marketing strategies, many companies and celebrities find themselves as the targets of negative press. Competitors oftentimes try to ruin the reputation of their opposition by either exposing unfavorable truths regarding the person or business or even by creating lies.

This negative press can be difficult to clean up, and once viewers see a company or name in a negative light, it is extremely hard to be positively regarded and your business may suffer as a consequence. Hiring a top reputation management team will help clear the unfavorable remarks found on the web and improve a company or person’s ranking online across search engines.

All companies trying to improve their SEO tactics should ensure that they have a team of experts tracking their standing. Gossip and blackmail exists everywhere – especially in the online world. It is in the best interest of these firms to manage these exploits to protect the reputation of their company or business before it is too late.