In this age of the Internet, SEO strategies are critically important for any business enterprise to exist and survive. The website should be capable of meriting high search engine rankings to attract the optimum potential buyer traffic, help increase the order conversion rates, and create maximum brand awareness.

Strategies for Search Engines
A website may be defined as a visual and graphic face of a business organization. The web designer has to evolve many SEO optimization strategies including graphic design, excellent coding to project the company’s goods and services in the proper light, and impress visitors about its quality and reliability.


Some powerful and proven SEO techniques should be first identified before the actual website design takes place. In fact, it will be a good strategy if an experienced web designer and SEO expert begin to work together on building a website – so that the site will become appealing in all phases.


Evolving and putting in place an Internet marketing strategy may have to be an ongoing process for it to succeed. As such, it will be sensible to retain the services of a SEO specialist and make him/her a permanent member of the marketing team.

Some simple search optimization strategies are:

  • Domain Name – short, preferably using a primary keyword.
  • The URL names should include appropriate keywords and they should be different on each page.
  • Navigation structure – must be simple, easy, and straightforward.
  • Meta Tags – title & description; refreshingly different detail for every page, relevant to the page content.
  • Keyword Link Strategy – deploy targeted keywords for linking pages.
  • Privacy Policy – must inspire trust and confidence.
  • The site should be in accordance with W3C standards.
  • Submit the website to industry specific directories.
  • Hook up to relevant social networking sites and forums pertinent to your market segment.
  • Make website interactive to enable customer- generated content.

Final Note

There are many good SEO techniques but using any terrible ones can prove counter-productive and hence best avoided. Though not proper to say, these types of pathetic methods are often used by some inferior web design companies to impress their clients. These techniques may provide some temporary decent results but has the potential to inflict incalculable harm…