PHOENIX, Arizona – Top internet marketing company, CyberMark International is launching a new division called CyberDesign that specializes in SEO web design and programming.

“CyberDesign came out of a great need from our customers who wanted us to market websites with outdated or otherwise problematic web designs,” said CyberMark CEO Kimberly Judd-Pennie. “Without a solid web development foundation, websites simply won’t rank high on the search engines. In many cases, we ended up completely redesigning these sites so that we could market them effectively.”

CyberMark is based in Phoenix, Arizona and was founded in 1994 with the intention of helping companies succeed with their internet marketing campaigns.  As the trends in web marketing change, so too has CyberMark evolved to fit the growing SEO needs of their customers.

“We created CyberDesign to offer our customers a one-stop place for making their websites more conducive to search engines – from search engine optimization to web design and development,” asserted Judd-Pennie.

CyberDesign offers clients a number of SEO optimized web designs, custom layouts, Flash graphics, ecommerce solutions, and many other cutting-edge technologies. CyberDesign also offers web hosting and free consultations so clients can feel free to ask any questions without added pressure.

With a highly specialized staff comprised of top graphic and web designers, the company offers the leading internet marketing tools that companies need to succeed online at an affordable price.