When building your site to make it SEO ready, many people tend to focus on formatting their sites to match Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines’ needs. Unfortunately, they forget that they still need to impress their human readers. A good SEO strategy involves many things besides marketing yourself to fit search engine profiles; you need to make sure your content is up to par as well.

When starting your content, the title is the first thing that catches your reader’s attention. You need ensure that your title has the keyword you are using throughout your text. You should also sprinkle this word throughout the text but not overuse it to the point that every other word is that one key world. Make sure that your text flows and is coherent, not just a jumble of key words. Variety is also a key factor when writing SEO content. You need to keep your readers interested, not bored.

Your keyword should also appear in your meta description. The meta description is a small summary underneath the title of a search result. This is the attention grabber for most readers. You need to ensure that your meta description includes a variety of keywords and is direct and to the point. With just a few words, your reader will decide whether or not they will click on your page or move on to the next result. To ensure maximum SEO potential, try to keep your meta description under 165 words so all your content will fit in your available space.

By focusing more on your content for your SEO efforts, you can please both your readers and search engines alike.